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Last update 25/5/2013

Interest group of atheists of Finland

  • Legal protection group of atheists of Finland
  • Cultural organization of atheists of Finland
  • Our objective is separation of state and both state churches of Finland.
  • We will enlighten and educate citizens to promote our objective.
  • We will cooperate with other organizations (in Finland and in the world) which share our vision.
  • We will promote freedom of atheism, religion, belief and civil and political rights.
  • We will promote secular and atheistic culture.
  • We will investigate scientific atheism.
  • We are politically and commercially independent.
  • We will accept only individual members.
  • We are democratic organization.
  • We can collect membership fees but today membership is free of charge.


Please send e-mail or write to us

Atheist Association of Finland
Käsityöläisentie 17 A 1
00750 Helsinki


In Finnish:

20 books on life view in Finnish and other books in English:


Mr. Erkki Hartikainen
Tel. 040 565 1271

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